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Leon, cannot unsee him.

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here’s me and carmine together because we’re both monks! huuray for monks!


here’s me and carmine together because we’re both monks! huuray for monks!

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shugomewmermeid replied to your chat: Me: the one thing I don’t like about the update is…

who? me?

don’t be silly, I will probably forget that I have a tumblr in the next 5 minutes.

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Me:the one thing I don't like about the update is that they still haven't reveal Signless' Pre-Scratch name...
Me:Is it Nubby McWhathisface??
SS:That's a nice name.
SS:But it's not 6 letters 8(
Me:Life is not fair
SS:Hm okay maybe it could be Nubbym Cwhath
SS:wait no
Me:This is now a guess-Signless-Pre-Scratch-name thread! Watch as this post burn to the ground!
MF:Krabby Vantas
SS:Krabby Pattie
Me:Mr. Krab
SS:Oh! Oh! Can the GHB be Patrick?! 8D
Me:And now this changed into Spongestuck!
Me:Congratulations you guys!
MF:CT: YoU SeT It To M foR MiNi, WhEn YoU ShOuLd HaVe SeT It To W FoR WuMbo!
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gallowsCalibrator:MUT4NT. LOW, H1GH, S34
arsenicCatnip::33 < long ago the furr bloodcastes lived in harmony
arachnidsGrip:8ut everything changed when the seadwellers attacked!!!!!!!!
twinArmageddons:only the 2iignle22, ma2ter of the hemo2pectrum, could 2top them
grimAuxiliatrix:But When The World Needed Him Most He Vanished
terminallyCapricious:A hUNdReD sWeEpS lAtEr, Me AnD tAvbRO aLl Up AnD diScOvErEd A nEw HeRo Of BlOoD, a MuTaNtBlOoD nAmEd KaRkAT
apocalypseArisen:and th0ugh his bl00d p0wers are great, he still has al0t t0 learn
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holy sh*t… what the f*ck just happened?

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Gothambent: Carmine Vantas - Monk of Blood
"Something is wrong in Gotham… dark creatures are roaming the night and disappear without a trace when morning come. And it’s not Batman."

Carmine Vantas is a loner who accidentally befriend the Dark Knight’s sidekick. You know, get beaten up by thugs before Robin finally shows up. The thing is Robin gets hurt in the end, but luckily Carmine always bring a first aid kit (because he always get beaten up in school too).

Everything is normal for him except for befriending Robin. Welp, until those ‘imps’ show up and he starts getting daymares.

Monk of Blood, are you ready for SBURB?

Carmine is an orphan raised by foster parents who only cares about the support money.

Whenever he has a problem he turns to Rosa, the widow who is his mother figure. Sometimes when he visits her, the neighbors would gossip about indecent relationship.

Feeling guilty, Carmine asks Rosa if he should stop coming. Rosa just flicks him on the head and calls him stupid.


Carmine’s daymare is turning into reality, and now he has to face the fact that he might not be human after all.

When the imps attack his already dangerous neighborhood, he receives his Strife Specibus, The Sicklekind. He beat the first wave with ease, and he starts hearing instructions as if he a character in game. But then the big guys come and his You-Reap-What-You-Sow sickles break.

“Do the Bloody Thing!”

What bloody thing?

“Shooshpap the ogre!”

At first he’s not sure what shooshpap mean, but when one of the ogres grabs him and crushes his body, he starts to make soothing noises and the monster starts to loosen its grip. Carmine uses his free hand to pap the ogre until it sleeps.

After slashing its head—he almost feel guilty about it- the voice cheers in his head

“Congratulation! You Cleared The First Stage!”


Fun Fact: As the Monk of Blood, Carmine has the lamest God Tier outfit. Everyone is like “Pffft, nice dress!” except for Rosa(Dolorosa), Mary(Disciple), and Rufio(Summoner)… they adore the outfit. Barbara(Batgirl/Redglare) is torn between laughing and adoring. So she does both.

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